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Making An Impact

The Missouri School Administrators Political Action Committee (MSAPAC) was originally formed in 1991 and now includes the:

  • MAESP (Missouri Association of Elementary School Principals)
  • MASA (Missouri Association of School Administrators)
  • MASSP (Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals)
  • MCCTA (Missouri Council of Career and Technical Administrators)
  • MoASBO (Missouri Association of School Business Officials)

MSAPAC was originally formed by MASA and MAESP, but in the years since several other administrative or managerial associations have been members. As Missouri prepares for the 2012 primary and general elections, school leaders from throughout Missouri have joined together to support the purposes of MSAPAC, which are:

  • To support candidates for statewide and legislative offices who advance the legislative goals of the member organizations.
  • To promote statewide legislative issues that will further the cause of elementary and secondary education.
Continuing Legislative Concerns
For School Administrators

Together, over the past years, we have accomplished a great deal through our lobbying and political action efforts. But our job is not done. In the next few years, school administrators must unite to face a number of legislative challenges including:

1. Protecting the public schools against utilization of public funds for non-public education purposes such as tuition tax credits/vouchers..
2. Working to maintain local control of education policies and finances to ensure that districts have the ability to make decisions that best meet their individual needs, including decisions regarding when school will start and setting priorities for the expenditure of school district funds.
3. Working to maintain a residency requirement for student attendance and educating legislators regarding the need for the requirement.
4. Changing the perception of some legislators that school administration costs are too high and that school administrators are overpaid.
5. Working to avoid further erosion or diversion of our local property tax base.
6.Monitoring the implementation of the new foundation formula to ensure that full funding is provided and necessary revisions are made.
7. Working to maintain the fiscal stability of our “Public School Retirement System” (PSRS) and to ensure that all present member benefits are not eroded.
8. Working with our national associations and congressional delegation to obtain mandatory federal funding for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and to ensure needed improvements are enacted for the No Child Left Behind law.

One very good way to be successful in meeting these challenges is to stay politically active through the maintenance of a strong political action committee. Please join the Missouri School Administrators Political Action Committee (MSAPAC) today and urge each of your school administrator colleagues to do likewise.


Involvement Is Important

The November 2014 elections to the Missouri General Assembly will have significant implications for public education. All 163 seats in the House of Representatives will be up for election. In addition, 17 Senate seats will be up for election. These elections provide school administrators with the opportunity to ensure that those elected are strong supporters of public education.

Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Directors, Principals, Assistant Principals, Career and Technical Administrators, Teachers, School Board Members or anyone else who wishes to be a part of protecting and supporting Missouri Public Schools may join MSAPAC for $30 per year. This is a very reasonable price to pay for the benefit that public school supporters will receive in return for the efforts made by MSAPAC.

Or, send a $30 personal check
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